I am Faith Gutzman.

designer by day.

pizza slinger by night.

an organizational freak of nature.

productive in the midst of chaos.

only a tad bit obsessed with David Bowie.

dealing with a drinking problem.*

a master list maker.

* …with coffee and tea.

Message me and we can go get a cup.


During my short time at the

Columbus College of Art & Design,

I've jumped at every opportunity the school had to offer and even created my own.

I'm a senior Advertising & Graphic Design student with a focus in web design, branding, and lettering. I also have minors in Business, Creative Writing, and Copywriting to expand on my other interests.

I've co-founded the Advertising and Graphic Design Student Collective, help run the Entrepreneurship Club, and am part of Women in Leadership Institute. With CCAD I've been part of other cool events like traveling to New York to visit big agencies, participate in ADC Portfolio Night, and meeting famous visiting designers.

Needless to say, CCAD has formed me into the designer I am today.

Even out of school, I love learning about graphic design and getting the chance to network with other students and professionals.

I've been part of local events like Startup Weekend Columbus and ones farther away like Hack the Home in Louisville, Kentucky. Here is the list of events I've been to or been apart of:

 • AAF’s The Pitch, Columbus, OH


 • Off-Campus Study: Typography in New York


  Hack the Home, Louisville, KY


  Start-Up Weekend, Columbus, OH

   (Fall 2014)

Other than graphic design, I have different passions I like to focus on.

I love to write; for fun and professionally. I run my blog for practice and to document my life. I also write short stories and quick little poems. It's nice to take a break from visual designs and evoke emotion in a different way.

I'm obsessed with travel. Nothing compares to physically being somewhere you've only heard or seen photos of. If I didn't travel and expose myself to something different than Columbus, I know I wouldn't be the person I am today. My next adventure I'm planning is to Norway to reunite with an old friend and explore her scenic and beautiful country.

I also love connecting with new people. Contact me if you would like to chat!

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