is a confectionery arts company that mainly deals with cake decorating.

 I wanted to focus more of the art aspect and how the medium is temporary with their re-brand, rather than focusing on

just a pretty cake. I want to target a younger audience,

17 - 25 year-olds, as well.


Photography taken by Catherine Norwood


Wilton's current website is laid out like many other craft retailers. I wanted to make it look and feel more like an artist website than a company's.


Click the webpage to enter the site.


Branding & Patterns

I changed Wilton's branding to target a younger audience but also to give it a face-lift from their dated, old logo. The logo is suppose to play off the idea when you are making a cake and eat the icing. With Wilton though, since you dye the icing yourself, the color your tongue is dyed crazy colors. Hence the bright, color-changing logo.


Here are some examples of products and designs used for the brand.


Print Ads

Subway advertisements for Wilton.

I wanted to use blunt and sassy language to speak to the

target audience.


Social Media App

Wilton has many different apps that encourage connection between confectionery artists but all are very basic. With Baked, I was users to be able to share their work but also be rewarded for it. Each user is given a set amount of hearts to give out to other users' creations. The more hearts on your cake picture, the more rewards you get on you Baked card, and the more Wilton bonuses and gift cards you can receive.


Also, by creating this online community, users can share tips, tricks, and conversation

amongst each other.

Deliciously Ludicrous

2016 Look Book

The Look Book is to show new customers of Wilton the crazy things they can do with their confectionery art. Not only focusing on making their decoration edible, but mostly focusing on their craft.


Referencing odd art and music videos, I created this video to intrigue new customers that want to create something weird and cool. The main goal was to show that Wilton is "Deliciously Ludicrous" and that they should "Get Baked".

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